It’s the first day of spring

Hot coffee in hand, is the usual way I start my mornings. I turned off my alarm, fully expecting to get ready to start my day. March break officially ends and it is back to work for me. It is officially the first day of spring!! (Cue “Happy Dance”) but as I look out my window I see this…..

20170320_140600Snow, lovely snow, March 20th, 2017- 1st day of spring?!

SNOW! Not just a light dusting but a full fledged Snowmageddon! Also, on top of all this beautiful white stuff we have a freezing rain warning out for tonight and into tomorrow morning! 😦 Winter is going out like a lion (or is it spring is coming in like a lion? I can never remember!!)

So,  since I have this extra day of March break, I should be cleaning (which I will try and do some) but I have started my secret (if you follow my Instagram account you will probably already know what it is and if you don’t follow me…go, follow here 😉 ) project that I have in the works for Madeline.

So what else am I up to?

Spring cleaning will be in full affect within the coming weeks, I am just finalizing up my to do lists. Also, I have the kids room makeovers that I am planning (I promise I will have blog posts up for those soon), and I am also enrolled in a KonMari Kids program (you can find out more information here ) that I have to keep up with. We just finished clothing and now we are moving onto books. As for YouTube, I haven’t forgotten I just haven’t had time to film. I have a few videos to edit and then post, but my computer is running out of storage and it is being a pain in the….well you get my point 😉

So how is the weather over your neck of the woods? Did spring come in like a lion for you as well, or were you lucky to have it come in like a lamb?





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