The reasons I am a Disney mom

It’s March Break over my neck of the woods and while many of my friends and co-workers are off enjoying the sun and sand (and rides) I am home, tracking through the bitter cold and snow. I do not mind it though, to be off for a solid week is a blessing and it is even better to be off and home with my two little’s (as crazy as they drive me sometimes 😉 ) So for today, I thought a good blog post would be to write about my experience at Disney and why I am 100% a Disney mom ❤

Why I Love Disney

Growing up I loved all things Disney, from the movies, games and stuffed animals; I collected, I watched, I was Disney. It started when I was just a child, watching the Disney classics and being completely and utterly obsessed by everything that was Disney. It continued into young adulthood and then I met my husband, Matt. He was just as much a fan of Disney as I was. We decided for our honeymoon we would go somewhere that I had never been and a place that my heart has always been, Disney World. He was lucky as a child to go every year growing up, but as much as I loved Disney it was never in the cards for my family. So you can imagine how happy I was when his parents said they would pay for our honeymoon to Disney.

honeymoon                                Meeting Minnie for the fist time, May 2005

honeymoon2          So happy to finally be on Main Street, USA, May 2005

So why do I love Disney so much you ask? Well, it is a pretty simple answer. Disney is magical. From the moment you drive through the gates, it hits you, you are on Disney soil and it simply tugs on my heartstrings. DSC00628

There is so much to do and see, honestly there is no way you can experience all of Disney in one trip. We have been several times and I have still yet to experience it all. Disney spans 40 square miles (or the size of San Francisco ). There is a little something for everyone, no matter the age, from character meet and greets to thrill rides, there is something for everyone.

When we had children I always knew I wanted to share the magic with them and that is why Disney will always be our number one travel spot while the kids are young. People will ask us why go year after year and the answer falls within why I feel I am a Disney mom, it is because there is something for all of us (and it is magical).

1sttripConnor’s First Trip, April 2010


It never fails, once I walk through the gates and see the castle, I cry (tears of joy of course). There is just something about seeing the castle that makes my heart happy. It could be the worse day ever (but honestly, when I am at Disney are there ever bad days?!) and as soon as I see the castle my heart skips a beat and I am smiling and beyond happy.


Something I enjoy more about Disney now than I have ever enjoyed is seeing my children’s reactions to experiencing Disney. Seeing it through their eyes is priceless. When they meet those characters that they have dreamed of meeting or when they become a princess themselves through the wonderful fairy godmothers at Bibbitty Bobbitty Boutique, there are no words to explain how I feel. Disney just makes magic happen and even thinking about it makes my heart happy.

EPCOT_FROZENCHARB2_20160826_7784493916Telling Anna a story, 2016

EPCOT_FROZENCHARB1_20160826_7784498294True Disney mom, had to get in a picture too!

MK_BBBCASTLE1_20160818_7776229888Becoming a princess herself, 2016

After our trip ends, it’s never a good feeling. Who ever wants to leave the magic of Disney but no sooner than the plane ride home I am planning our next vacation back to our “happy place”.


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