Hitting a Road Block

“Cleaning is fun, cleaning is fun” I keep repeating this to myself several times though out the day, over and over. If you don’t know me, I hate cleaning, like really despise it, but I also love an organized, clean home and who has to clean it but these 3 people me, myself and I 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, hubby helps a lot now that I am working outside of the home full time for a while but I really find when we have days off (like last week when we were off of school for the entire week because of storms) I just want to spend this time with my family and cleaning goes to the side. Now that we are all back to work tomorrow, I feel the whole house needs a good cleaning and I just do not want to do it. So instead of cleaning right now I decided to take this time to write this post (procrastination much?!)

Here is a picture of my office. The kids were doing crafts and coloring and they just left them out.They need to be put away.messy-office

Then comes the fact that I have a million home organization projects in my mind, but I want to film them for YouTube and take pictures/ write about them for my blog so the bags of things just sit in what I term “my office” (but in reality it is just my “catch all” room that everything that I can’t find a home for goes.

organizing-suppliesOrganizing materials

I need my mind to stop for a moment and just be still. It just keeps going, faster and faster, and then it hits the road block and nothing gets done. What I need it to do is go slow and steady, focus on one thing and do it. Does anyone else ever feel this way, so much to do, so much you want to accomplish but nothing gets done because your mind feels like a blender and everything is spinning around and around getting all “blended” up? This is me today. Time to breathe.focus and get this stuff done.





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