The Look: Mom’s Night Out

Getting out as a mom is a wonderful thing. It is amazing how refreshed and energized you will be once you get out with friends. I love my family and will choose them anytime over friends, my children will only be little for so long, but sometimes (just sometimes) you need a night out. A night to be you (not mom), a night to have a conversation (not about princesses or Pokemon), and a night to just worry about yourself (and not where your children are located).

So this night was a night for me. A bunch of girlfriends and I were heading to the movies and I thought I would share how I get ready for a mom’s night out.

My makeup routine is still pretty minimalist, I tend to gravitate towards nudes and light neutral colors during the work week but given the chance to “spice” it up, I like to try and experiment. 20170213_120802the makeup that I used for this night out

Even though I still used neutral shades for this night out, I played it up by using some darker neutrals that I normally do not use. I also used my Two Faced Chocolate Bar Eye shadow Palette that I only use occasionally. 20170213_121007 two faced chocolate bar palette-used the 3rd color (bottom row)

Other products that I used that I normally do not use were my Pacifica eyeliner, Smashbox mascara and the highlight Trio.

It was definitely fun to “glam” up my makeup and step out of my comfort zone!

As for clothing, I still stayed simple and casual with a long, cozy sweater from Wal-Mart, my jeans from Reitman’s and grey boots from Target.

20170210_155304.jpgthe look, skinny jeans, sweater and grey boots(not shown)

So that covers my look and how I get ready to enjoy a night out with friends.

Check out my latest video on YouTube to see how I get ready! (I’ll have the link below listed below!)

Get Ready With Me: Mom’s Night Out (YouTube)

Makeup I used






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