Taking a step forward

Creating a YouTube channel was not always a goal of mine. To be honest it wasn’t really something I had wanted to do. My real goal and aspiration was to write a blog. For as long as I can remember I loved reading blogs, they spoke to me. Especially the ones with mothers and families. I would grab a cup of my favorite hot beverage, curl up in a cozy chair and read those blogs for hours, especially while my oldest was a baby and would nap. It was a way for me to escape. I would dream of being like those mothers, so put together and “perfect”. I tried to write blogs in the past, failing miserably. I would never keep up with the writing. I have always loved to write, actually my mother has just been recently cleaning out her attic and she has found many stories and poems I had written as a child, so this boggles my mind that I had a hard time blogging and getting words down onto paper. Maybe it is the fact that anyone can read this blog, that those stories and poems were just for me to see and read. I really do not know, all I know now is there is no holding back. I am diving in and starting this blog.

For the past two years I have been on YouTube and I love my channel. I am not big, I am what you would call a tiny, little speck of dust on the map of YouTube. I create on my channel because I love it, I love to create videos to look back at and remember those little moments I may not have captured on film if it were not for vlogging. So now I am taking my next step in the world of social media and creating a coordinating blog to accompany my channel.

It’s a step I am looking forward to taking, a leap into something different and while not unknown, staying on top of it, as well as my channel and other social media platforms is scary, but I am dedicated and determined to get this started and be successful. So I invite you to follow along with me as I find my way around this blogger world 🙂





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